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A tutorial on how to get started operating RTTY using MMTTY as the primary program to begin your RTTY operations. 19 jh6qil ※これはjh6qil の環境での内容であり全ての人がこれでうまくいくと言う訳ではあり SEND ja USB KEYING (RTTY) • Siirry menuun: MENU → SET → CONNECTORS USB SEND valitse DTR USB KEYING (RTTY) valitse RTS 6. com - 25 Jul 2012 – N1MM appears to be written in VB6. Contesting . N1MM Logger fully supports the NS + the NS Ladder. N1MM Contest Logging Software. It will show an example of setting up the com ports and software. North American QSO Party. Currently available for N1MM+ only Airlink Express is a user friendly digital mode software package for the Amateur Radio Operator. Win-Test includes support for RTTY contests using the MMTTY engine. To see my antennas, which mainly consist of SteppIR yagis, including pages on SteppIR repair and painting projects, check out my Antenna page. The official platform for discussing the N1MM Logger Plus contest logging program. RTTY pissed me off so much because the setup was a pain, but once I got it working with N1MM it was a breeze. I’ve tried some documentation on the FSK interface. Enlace a web : gl SDR aplicación SDR para android 3 Junio 2012. My RTTY-45 (FSK) works fine but I cannot get the CW via WinKey to PTT or to send CW. Check it out here. The people who develop and maintain N1MM+ are producing an amazing application. 2019) CQM for WL by RU3VD & S57AW: 1. Thanks to everybody who took part in the contest! Also you can check if we received your log in the list of received logs. Here is a file for defining the function keys. When you export the Cabrillo file for the VHF contest all contacts will be outputted as RTTY (RY). clubs_call_history. Radio is an Icom IC-706MkIIG. RTTY NS; Scoring; Software; NCCC Home; CQP Home; N1MM Logger for NS . MMTTY, MixW, etc, receive audio must be provided to the line-level input of the PC soundcard. If a contest is not supported now, it can usually be added using the Logger's "user-defined contest" feature. net T he CQWW RTTY contest was on last weekend. Drake Amateur Radio Club (DARC) N1MM Field Day Setup. · Re: [RTTY] Software question - Lists - Contesting. See the advantages! I have been using the IC-7600 on RTTY with N1MM+ and the MMTTY application for a couple of years now. To change out of RTTY mode, type CW or SSB in the main entry window and press <Enter>. 2o 3f 6 19-Sep-10 16:28 N1MM Logger: www. Instead of MMTTY, I had to use a program called 2Tone that would allow me to use my soundcard to decode RTTY but use the MCU to send FSK emulating a TNC. but is mainly a contest logging program to use with a lot of different supported contests. txt) Call History File for ARRL Sweepstakes CW and SSB - updated November 2018 (. I have started using N1MM Logger for contest logging over the past few years. If you are N1MM logger user, you can download User Define Contest (UDC) file below. True frequency shift keying (FSK) and audio frequency shift keying (AFSK) keying are available for RTTY operation. Developed by N1MM Thomas Wagner it has the reputation of being the most popular logging program in the world. After last year’s Winter Field Day disaster, I figured our club wouldn’t even bother participating in 2016. The version of the browser you are using is no longer supported. WSJT Software. PSK31. However, this does not mean that you cannot log other digital modes such as JT65, MSK144, FT8, and so on. - Digital Interface er for digitalmode som som RTTY, PSK31/63. Using only one USB cable between the radio and the computer, enabling to send CAT commands and pre recorded CW messages with the F1 to F10 keys. Also, instructions are included in how to use both 2Tone and Gritty as receive-only decoders. Thankfully, somebody (Wilko PA3BWK) actually read my original post and pointed out to me that a recent update to N1MM may have included a fix to the serial number {EXCH} issue. 1. Dell Laptop PC with N1MM CW Iambic Keyer W3YY CW Interface: Elecraft K3: Elecraft KPA500: RTTY & 60 Meter Station; Qty 1 radio 3 el C3 Tri-bander (10,15,20) FORCE 12″ 1/4 Wire Vertical for 60 Meters with Ground Radials 403A High Power Band Pass Filters; 1 Set for 10, 15 & 20 Meters Qty 2 200′ LMR 400 Coax Qty 3, 4′ RG-8U Coax Jumpers N1MM THE BEST CONTEST SOFTWARE OUT THERE THOSE GUYS WORK HARD TO TAKE CARE OF ALL YOUR RADIO NEEDS "FOR FREE" Posted by WK2G on November 12, 2015 N1MM+ I started my career with CT, after that there were periods of TRLog, TR4W, WinTest and now N1MM+. 5. An excellent RTTY program that requires only a computer with soundcard, no expensive TNC required! MPSKWIQ PSK31 Software for the EZKIT and Windows 95/98 PC ; MultiMode Digital modes decoding software for the macintosh. MixW for digital modes may be used without TNC. All digital modes (RTTY, PSK31, etc) should be logged as RTTY. The RTTY signal can be transmitted anywhere within the USB passband of the transceiver. Mari kita mulai. CONTEST mit N1MM LOGGER Kurze, knappe Präsentation zur Vorbereitung von CW-Contest-Newcomern auf den IARU Region 1 Fieldday im Juni 2013 Technik & Verkabelung Konfiguration N1MM Logger Merkmale und Arbeitsweise von N1MM Betriebstechnik im Contest Christoph Hütten – DK8EY, OV R09 Neanderthal RTTY Transmit has been added. By submitting a CQ WPX RTTY Contest log, and in consideration of the efforts of the CQ WPX RTTY Contest Committee to review and evaluate that log, an entrant unconditionally and irrevocably agrees that he/she has: 1) read and understood the rules of the contest and agrees to be bound by them, 2) operated according to all rules and regulations For RTTY contesting I use N1MM+ with the MMTTY interface. 082 MHz. Larry has been licensed since 1968, and enjoys chasing DX, contesting, rag-chewing, working IOTA contacts, and logging TenTen numbers. Klik Windows pada menu utama N1MM ( Manual A ) ICOM have included a RTTY decoder that can display to the screen in place of the scope displays unfortunately you cannot simply plug in a keyboard to make the unit a RTTY terminal. 90 KB File Size 1 File Count August 6, 2018 Create Date August 7, 2018 Last Updated FileActionOperating-RTTY-and-N1MM-for-the-FLEX-6000-How-to-Guide. Operating Modes. N1MM Logger supports the MMTTY Engine, MMVARI and/or an external TNC for RTTY contesting. Fldigi – Supports many digital modes, including RTTY, PSK31/63, and Olivia MMTTY – for RTTY, especially contesting N1MM+ contest operations and logging 2. Of course you can also do SSB. The mode should change in the header bar. A USB for digital modes and a CI-V for rig control. In the November/December issue is a article from Kirk,K4RO about software and he did mention Athena. 05. 4. I am just posting to see what is the experience with others. If you are new to digital modes, you might   In order to communicate in digital modes (RTTY, PSK, or other sound card One digital engine, MMVARI, is pre-loaded when N1MM Logger+ is first installed. I too have the issue If you’ve been trying out N1MM Logger+ in preparation for SPAR Winter Field Day, you may have noticed that it is not one of the predefined contests. This is not a skimmer, it decodes a single signal in the 3-kHz audio coming from the transceiver via a soundcard, just like any other RTTY program. much more seamless and all you will have to do is generate one single Cabrillo from N1MM. I ask this because whenever I do a contest with n1mm and I find myself having to transfer 700/1000 QSO on HRD I have to lose at least an hour and sometimes it happens that logbook troubles me. RTTY Tietoa. Hardware Useful Links. This will allow JTDX to log directly into N1MM when a QSO is saved in JTDX. There are some good directions for this in the N1MM+ documentation, so I am not going to go through all the details. . Radio Modes Corresponding to N1MM Logger Digital Mode Designations Column Headings = Mode names used in N1MM Logger Radio RTTY RTTY-R AFSK AFSK-R PSK PSK-R Flex DIGL DIGU FT990/1000/1000MP RTTY-L RTTY-U PKT-LSB (4) ‎ Claude Du Berger ‎ to N1MM Logger+. Please send information on using N1MM Logger in NS to N6ZFO. Updated N1MM+ and got right into the contest when it started. 9, SO2R Box Interface, MMTTY 1. PLEASE NOTE that the original text was in French, so I have had it translated into English as the following: How to manage the WAE RTTY QTC with N1MM. pdf” 2-Apr-2011: John J Eigenbrode, K4SKB, and John K Bednar, K3CT: Step-by-step instructions on setting up the N1MM Logger to communicate with the TS-590S using a native USB connection (rather than a USB-to-serial adapter) 6: HOWTO configure the TS-590S for Digital Voice Keying Simple RTTY Setup with PTT • This is the same as the first setup, but it uses PTT rather than VOX – PTT for RTTY requires a second serial port – No good reason for PTT – VOX works fine! Simple CW Setup • Buy WinKey as a kit ($78) –Build it in two hours –Use your paddle with it for things that aren’t programmed in your Logger The RTTY modulator and demodulator have been extensively changed with version 3. RTTY, SSTV, PSK (WinXP - Vista - Win7 - Win8 & Win 10) JE3HHT, Makoto (Mako) Mori. N1MM Macro Settings for Kenwood TS-590 This document covers a few settings to make N1MM and the Kenwood TS-590 work better together. txt) 2015 7QP Call History (. WriteLog. A single-core 1. If you are new to digital mode contesting in general and RTTY in particular, this information may be helpful. So, if you are wanting to run 75 baud RTTY, such as in the BARTG 75 contest, you’re going to have to set up DI-1 in N1MM for AFSK instead of FSK, you’ll need to specifically tell N1MM that the logged mode needs to be RTTY instead of the default radio mode, and you’ll need to configure MMTTY for AFSK and get your audio levels adjusted Common RTTY Contest Frequencies and Suggested FT8 Contest Frequencies Set the WSJT-X dial frequency to a multiple of 2 kHz, for example 7. com">mailto:rtty@contesting. " It has been   May 18, 2013 Improvements in RTTY. Dec 25, 2017 With the two virtual COM ports in the Icom 7160, N1MM Logger+ can be configured easily to operate RTTY (FSK). This software combination has made RTTY contesting a point and click operation and combined with the increase in RTTY operators can create high QSO rates during contests. You will need to open a RTTY type of contest in N1MM ( I used the NAQP RTTY contest coming up this weekend ) and have your radio up and running (first, then open N1MM second). Decodes CW, RTTY, WEFAX, SATFAX, ACARS, DTMF, SSTV antenna Antenna beverage contest Contestový by OM0A or 160m or WPX cq ww dk7zb HA6NL HA7JJS HA7PL hf championship IARU ic-706 SCRAPE IN lnb moxon mw0jrx n1mm OM0A om0aab om0aag om0amr om4aas om4aqp om4aqw om4q om6ci om6pr om7kw OM7PY president lincoln 100-q qsl remote station rtty mister so2r tcvr transceiver vhf vk8dx yaesu oil Welcome to 3830scores. N1MM Logger+ (aka N1MM+) is free contesting software that supports virtually all amateur radio contests. Sorry just noticed you said RTTY!!! The N1MM setup should be much the same though (apart from the CW macros). What got me going was the availability of free software (MMTTY) that allowed me to operate RTTY with just my sound card equipped PC and normal radio. • Writelog is also popular for RTTY contesting. 02 : MixW 假设你们使用的两台计算机的ip 地址分别是192. On the RTTY Engine 1 waterfall display, click on “option” then “Setup” Go to the Tx Tab, and change the port to “Extfsk”. It listens to N1MM+ or TR4W "Contact Info" UDP broadcasts (see the N1MM+ documentation) and collects the contact info into a database. RTTY. The RTTY/logging software application sets the output terminal, either RTS or DTR, for each SEND and CW/RTTY keying signal. Using Elecraft KX3/K3 KY Codes to Allow N1MM & RTTY-FSK Share. RTTYrite is a very good program, not as fussy as MMTTY. The only problem that I have found with N1MM & MMTTY combo is the well known bug that MMTTY does not start immediately and has a lot of retries. Also, instructions are  The Digital Interface (DI) window opens up to MMVARI by default. 21. PSK31, CW, DominoEx, MFSK, MT63, Olivia, RTTY and Throb. It has proven invaluable in helping me work step-by-step to get things set up. N1 N1MM – is a free program designed for contesting. N1MM Live Demo  Aug 29, 2015 Let's focus on the 2016 ARRL RTTY Round-Up. 06. com>. txt) K3S and RTTY Contesting with N1MM+/MMTTY. I looked through the messages and can't find  I'm a relative newcomer to RTTY, having just started operating RTTY a few years ago, I use MMTTY software for everyday operation and N1MM software with  The screen show N1MM, Green Heron Everywhere software control of antennas and rotators, four The mouse is a roller ball as it is very fast for RTTY. Also, DATA A is on the opposite sideband to AFSK A, so you have to set MMTTY to "Rev" when using DATA A. 2019) SCC RTTY Call History 2019 for Writelog: last (21. RTTY - Win-Test Wiki N3me mmtty manual. I thought I'd try here first, before I go through the trouble of joining the N1MM+ YahooGroups list. Logbook with eQSL, ADIF, Cabrillo, Callsign Lookup and Google Earth interfaces. These steps only address how to set up logging and create an adif log file for submission. If you have set up the config TU Type as Tinyfsk, then the Digital Message Set seen at the top will read “Other, TinyFSK”. www. Two videos explain how! Jul 18, 2019 You will need to open a RTTY type of contest in N1MM ( I used the NAQP RTTY contest coming up this weekend ) and have your radio up and  N1MM Logger for NS. Winter Field Day’s 2016 effort was the best ever for our club, and most of us only operated for about five hours. I'm using the 6300. The N1MM Logger is a freeware program designed to do contest logging and some general logging. , N1MM, WRITELOG, etc. There are a few notable minor issues, which I have made note of and eventually(??) maybe they will be fixed in the N1MM codebase. Pada dasarnya N1MM tidak memiliki engine utk digimode. Use the SPRINTNS contest module for both NS and NS Ladder. The MPC-1000RC is a commercial/civilian RTTY TU that can do speed conversion, multipath correction, auto-start, AFSK and has a multitude of other abilities depending on the users requirements and the TU's options. K8UT. Here is a file for  Many RTTY contests to May 2004 CQ Magazine - 2003 CQ WW RTTY Contest . Divi monitori to ļauj darīt, kā izvietot lodziņus, tā ir gaumes lieta. OH2GI in RTTY Contest, Single Op Two Transceivers OH2GI in QSO. N1MM. VB6 has ICOM IC-7300 HF Plus 50 MHz Transceivers employ a new-technology real-time touch-screen spectrum scope that leads its class in resolution, sweep speed and dynamic range. Resources listed under RTTY contest category belongs to Contest Rules main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. com/tiki-index. Supported … n1mm_view. N1MM-DXKeeper Gateway Online Help. Before attempting to use the SO2R Box with N1MM Logger, you should verify that it is working correctly with the SO2R Box Utility. Un site dédié aux concours rtty qui se veut, sans prétention, un outil d'information et de recherche pour les nouveaux et les vieux contesters du mode rtty. n1mm_view is a set of python scripts to display real-time contest QSO statistics for N4N ARRL Field Day. Every time I go to RTTY Mode, something is not working. First, I'm unclear as to whether a keying interface (simple NPN 1K combo) is needed for the FSK IN and Configuring N1MM Logger for the SO2R Box Author: Dennis Egan W1UE Date: 1/22/2010 Versions: N1MM Logger 9. K3 RTTY setup with MMTTY. This is a short explanation of how to install and use the program for the Hawaii QSO Party contest. After talking with Frank about the FSK project, I didn’t read where I had to use a different RTTY engine in N1MM+. Since the USB Codec control appears to act differently than a standard serial port, I need to put the Radio in VOX to key RTTY in N1MM+. Dec 16, 2017 Prepare for the upcoming RTTY contest! Easy to get the Icom 7610 N1MM setup properly to use RTTY (FSK). N1MM Version 1. Read more: N1MM + Logger guide for NRRL contest RTTY contesters can try out the newly popular 2Tone decoder and optimize your station setup. I did a tool for N1MM+ too in Python called N1MM_toolbox – which checks the UDP traffic and look for buddies or if the QRG is in the correct area which can be defined. The N1MM logger is a FREE general purpose contest logger that supports a large number of Amateur Radio contests. If you run any digital mode, type RTTY in the main entry window (where you would normally type a call sign), then select the frequency in the CW column. VB . Larry Gauthier. are supported via the WSJT-to-N1MM+ interface described in the manual under the WSJT Decode List window. El concurso DLDX-RTTY ahora lleva en cabrillo el encabezamiento correcto LDX-RTTY. udc – Downloaded 299 times – 2 KB The screen show N1MM, Green Heron Everywhere software control of antennas and rotators, four PstRotatorAZ controls of the two SteppIR DB42 Antennas, MonstIR and 3 element SteppIR with 40m loop. UKRAINIAN DX CLASSIC RTTY CONTEST 2019 RULES Sponsored by: Ukrainian Contest Club (UCC) Date & time: The 3-rd full weekend of June (in 2019 it will be on 15-16 of June). 12. 168. I am using N1MM contest logging software in RTTY contests during the last 10 years with MMTTY engine and I like very much the FSK keying via RS232 (EXTFSK). . You can however store standard replies in the RTTY memories and select those to be transmitted in response to an incoming call. Pressing F4 sends my call sign. The scp versions of the files are for use with Win-Test and N1MM+. Ham Radio Deluxe,… Jan 22, 2010 Versions: N1MM Logger 9. Refer to the software documentation for instructions. Jadi saya lebih memilih N1MM utk kegiatan kontes saya. The call history file can be selected. The assumption is made that the SO2R Box is working correctly  CQ WW DX - CW, Phone, RTTY; CQ WPX - CW, Phone, RTTY; CQ 160M - CW, Phone; ARRL DX - CW, Phone; ARRL Sweepstakes - CW, Phone; ARRL RTTY  Icom 7300 RTTY FSK Setup MMTTY N1MM How To Ham Radio with K0PIR Non è essenziale che l'interfaccia abbia un sw per giocarci a schermo, mi serve che  Using a single serial port to allow CW and RTTY in N1MM without any cable switching. Baja la última versión. RTTY Decoder. The N1MM UDP controls the SteppIRs and GHE selection of antennas. We decided to move to the N1MM Logger and the MMTTY RTTY Decoder for this contest. Downloading MMTTY. “JT” modes such as FT8, MSK144, FT4, etc. World Radiosport Team Championship 2022, July 6-11, Bologna, Italy ***** DX Operation Announcements for Forthcoming Contests Website of Butler County VHF Association, Ohio. 36/92 Super Check Partial logger differences Wow! What a smooth, quiet radio. N1MM menu option to download the latest check partial file. 8. CTU 2013 Presents Operating a RTTY Contest— zUse main SCP from CW/SSB/RTTY contests zRTTY SCP is a subset N1MM Logger. It can be quite lengthy to explain but its step by step. 73, Rich VE3KI > I'm just trying to figure this out for the first time. To populate these fields, go to the DI window and Right Click in any box near the bottom. 2和192. It would be nice if dm780 behaved like n1mm at contest level, or to be able to integrate dm780 to n1mm for all digital modes, such as RTTY, CW, etc. The dta files can be used with CT, WriteLog, TRlog, SD, and others. 1 in RTTY mode. Computer running Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 (“ N1MM Logger+ incorporates the latest multi-threading technology, and will take full advantage of multi-core CPUs. Fixed level receive audio, Looking in the loft I found the two Atom DG945CLF2 computers we last used in RTTY contests which ran Writelog under WinXP. CW Contest with N1MM by DK8EY R09 Neanderthal 1. The NAQPs are low-power only (no amplifiers allowed) which makes for a lot more breathing room on the bands. PC Requirements for N1MM+ •Recommend a dual core processor computer, with at least 2 GB of RAM •For home use, stick with at desktop with at least a 19 inch monitor •Best with 20 inch or larger monitor, two monitors is even better (especially with RTTY contests, and if using bandscope or other software) Operating RTTY since 2001 Awards-DXCC-WAS-WAZ RTTY operation-FSK - Typically SO1V / SO2V Software Prejudices-D X4Win for DXing - N1MM Logger for Contesting - MMTTY and 2Tone Major RTTY Contest Achievements-Participated in many-1st Place in none Station Configuration - One transceiver, one amplif ier, one tower – a little pistol Antennas WriteLog squeezes incredible functionality out of your computer’s sound card. N1MM Setup -- General Logging Here are quick steps to set up N1MM for logging during your W1AW/4 in AL operation. 36/92 Super Check Partial logger differences CTU 2013 Presents Operating a RTTY Contest— zUse main SCP from CW/SSB/RTTY contests zRTTY SCP is a subset N1MM Logger. The K3 must be switched to mode/band in the usual way. On the K3 CONFIG PTT-Key setting, it needs to be "Off-Off. Finally MMTTY needs audio from the K3 to decode the RTTY. Therefore a call history file must be present in the N1MM logger directory In the contest the associated files. Older Versions of MMTTY Engine available: Programmers Download Page. November 28, 2016 · NAQP_CW_RTTY_VE2FK_008. Select the Digital Modes tab in the N1MM Logger I happened been on the radio much as I’ve done some other hobbies, but was active with our club on Field Day and then decided this weekend to get into the July NAQP RTTY contest. I'm a relative newcomer to RTTY, having just started operating RTTY a few years ago, but I really enjoy the mode. 2. Getting FSK RTTY to work with the K3/0 N1MM ar RTTY darbināt uz viena monitora, izmantojot visas iespējas, ir visai pagrūti. Picking up from yesterday I have included in this clip how to get N1MM Logger+ connected to your Icom 7160. Realtime Contest Scoring. If you are going to use Radio Command for PTT (this is the easiest method), then all you have to do is enable PTT via Radio Command in N1MM+. We now have two virtual COM ports on the IC-7610. In other words, the software sets the SEND and CW/RTTY keying signal output terminal of the Serial-USB Converter inside the transceiver. Don’t panic! N1MM Logger+ allows the creation of “User Defined Contests” which are quite flexible. If the Main Entry Window is on top of the Digital Interface window, move the Main Entry  N1MM Logger+ supports digital mode contesting, not only RTTY but also other digital modes, with a flexible interface. It did not take me long to establish that RTTY was far more suited to DXing than PSK31 - although I still enjoy the occasional foray into ragchewing on PSK31, the quickfire DXing in RTTY has always appealed to me. Be sure you have defined Digital ports for each radio in the N1MM "Hardware" tab and FSK ports in Router. I swapped HDMI cables, N1MM CAT Control and Keying I want to tie the Remote Rig setup into the N1MM Logger Program to retrieve frequency/mode/send CW/send RTTY. > > Since all digital modes are treated as if they were a single mode in the > Field Day rules, you can just put N1MM+ into a digital mode (RTTY, PSK31 > or PSK63) whenever you start to use This is the file needed to add the RTTY mode to commercial programs that use the MMTTY engine. All of the QSO's logged will be logged in their original modes. Oleh Karena itu N1MM contest logger tidak membuat alat receive untuk CW. 66G RTTY. N1MM Logger Yksi tärkeimmistä RTTY Modella on Ctrl+K = Manual sending. The software is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, and Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10. I had been reading a great deal on some of the RTTY websites and email streams about Writelog and MMTTY. 7. For mixed mode contests such as RTTY Roundup or ARRL VHF it will make switching back and forth between FT8/RTTY/SSB/CW/etc. Note: If you're already using N1MM Logger or WriteLog, you may already have this installed so it's worthwhile checking before-hand. com This section contains some general information about operating in RTTY that is not directly related to N1MM Logger. Not as fun as SSB contesting for me but something new to test! I'm definitely doing the next big RTTY contest for sure. N1MM has too many macros built-in, and uses up too much real estate on the screen. I'm running into problems interfacing my K3 with MMTTY on transmit. I had built a media center in the USA using a DG41MJ motherboard. Now we'll move on to Logger32's configuration for CW, DVK and RTTY. N1MM Asetukset Nämä ohjeet olettavat että olet asentanut N1MM Loggerin ja MMTTY:n (+EXTFSK:n) perusasetuksilla. exe involvement This guide has been written assuming you have had little or no experience with using KX3 USB Interface or N1MM operations. Wide/Narrow buttons filters in band map I am assigning A and B filters toggled by the front panel IF Filter button to the Wide Tips for Better RTTY Contest Operation MINNESOTA WIRELESS ASSOCIATION FALL MEETING SEPTEMBER 20, 2016 ALAN DEWEY, K0AD. You will have to log the contact in one > of N1MM+'s native modes (CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK31 or PSK63) and then edit > the mode in the Log window afterwards. I must say I like it. Icom IC-7300 Display with N1MM Logger Plus: As I get ready to write this I have my N1MM Logger Plus already setup to use in the VOLTA RTTY Contest this weekend. There is a new DLL for CQ WW RTTY that must be used. k4ro. For receiving with external RTTY software, e. On Easter Island I did some RTTY with MixW and decided to do some RTTY at home. I now have over 175 certificates on display. 2 Installed for evaluation RTTY Skimmer – monitor RTTY signals on multiple bands and provide spotting information SDR-Bridge – allows RTTY Skimmer and CW Skimmer to work with Flex 6000 How to configure the contest software N1MM Logger to be use with the Yaesu FT-991 radio for CW. I would have liked to use PSK31 and RTTY. 87 Mb. This is happening on a Windows 10 laptop. The program can be used as a stand alone logger, but it can be integrated with RTTY to be used in contesting. txt) Mexican RTTY Contest Second weekend of February CQ World-Wide WPX RTTY Website First weekend of March Open Ukraine RTTY Championship Website Third weekend of March BARTG Spring RTTY Contest First weekend of March Open Ukraine RTTY Championship Website March North America 'Sprint' Website First weekend of April EA RTTY Contest Open the SO2R Box Utility. The Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest is over. It has many useful features that make your QSO logging process almost a 100% automatic procedure. exe (Fichero – 1. Hints – Using the ICOM IC-7600 on RTTY with N1MM+ and MMTTY I keep seeing people having trouble with this setup. See MixW Notes for details. Anita (AB1QB) and Fred (AB1OC) decided to enter the recent 2013 CQ WPX RTTY Contest in the Multi-op Single Transmitter, High Power category. It doesn't take long configuring N1MM Logger+ for the new Icom 7610. Band (Meters) RTTY Contest Frequencies (MHz) Suggested FT8 Frequencies (MHz) Fldigi operates RTTY using AFSK and the transceiver set to USB. Last year as I was in the process of learning the ins and outs of operating NX6T remotely I spent time running the RTTY RU to the tune of 273 QSOs; nothing great, however I proved I can do it. The ports are: radio com4, FSK com6, WinKey com5. My interest then waned until 2002 when I discovered MMTTY and N1MM. Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2013 09:04:35 -0400. It meets my needs best of all tried before. com. MT63. udc – Downloaded 310 times – 2 KB. Three screens: DX-Cluster, sound-card modem HF2 and KAM HF1 N1MM Install Suomi. TinyFSK is a program for the Arduino platform to send 5-bit Baudot (RTTY) by logically keying the PTT and FSK inputs of a transceiver. Posted Thursday, December 9, 2010 by Administrator. You may be able for find some suggestions in AA5AU's RTTY Contesting web site - www. 01. RTTY Contests is a curation of 11 resources about , CQ WW RTTY, Volta RTTY contest, SCC RTTY Championship, CQ Contests Rules and Awards, SARTG New Year RTTY Contest. n1mm. MMTTY By JE3HHT - Makoto Mori: RTTY with Windows and Soundcard How to Configure N1MM with PowerSDR and VAC for Voice Keying. All PTT functions are handled via "Radio Command" as set back in MM's Config for the radio CAT Port. Someone kindly suggested on the MMTTY reflector that the two ran well under N1MM Logger. 2 (15. N1MM-newexeV12. I just need to reset steps 5 & 6 after the contest and possibly 7 if it impacts using the SignaLink for regular PSK or RTTY sending. Preparedness. Open N1MM Logger. I only have 2 monitors, and all the real estate is used, especially on RTTY. exe (stationary) Right side of monitor N1MM Logger’s VFO-B Entry and Bandmap Windows 2Tone and MMTTY graphics and text displays Wide RTTY filters – no CI-Vfilter. Notice the Serial Port Com 5 selected (above). are selected, so this may not be adequate depending on how you use the program. It is not a general logging program with award tracking etc. g. RTTY Getting Started. Using N1MM Logger to log multiple QSO Parties Posted May 2, 2008 Updated Jan. Looks like its possible to use N1MM to provide a larger view of the Icom IC-7300 display. Some of the N1MM program features for automated logging are covered, they can be skipped and logging done manually. N1 While primarily an amateur radio contest, WPX RTTY is also popular with SWL enthusiasts. B. Using virtual machines, DXLab applications can also be run on Linux and Macintosh. soc_call_history. 2 RTTY Team — Icom The 2019 NAQP calendar Times/Dates Logs Due Log Submittal CW 1800 UTC Jan 12 to 0600 UTC Jan 13 0600 UTC January 18 NCJ Web site: N1MM Logger+ の日本語マニュアルがアップデートされた。 本家のサイトからダウンロードできる。 原版 N1MMplus GettingStarted 2014-10-11. 1. Just import it into the N1MM Logger function key settings. , must be configured for FSK, not AFSK, RTTY operation. The radio is Icom 756 Pro III interfaced with MicroHam micro KEYER II. Source: Icom 7300 N1MM Logger Plus Setup – K0PIR Icom 7300 SDR. It is to be used in FSK applications only, it does not output AFSK. Reception and Decoding. 07. com> Rich, This reply will take an excessive time to reach the general list since the "moderator" has decided to censor anyone that disagrees with his particular views on certain subjects. My 6. It is a lot easier on my eyes and information that I needed to stand out stood out quite well. He goes into a similar level of detail on precisely how to get N1MM, MMTTY, 2Tone, and WriteLog set up on RTTY. If you are an old-timer at RTTY, you can probably skip this section. But this is a special format text file. This may be the most important system component for the RTTY contester to optimize. Need help so I can enter WAE RTTY this weekend. These settings are based on N1MM version 11. The text on this page describes the majority of sound-card digital modes available to amateur radio operators at the time it was written, as well as the software that implements it. N1MM Logger’s VFO-A Entry and Bandmap Windows 2Tone and MMTTY graphics and text displays Narrow RTTY filters via CI-Vfilter. Wednesday, July 20, 2011 I used this colorscheme in this weekend’s BARTG RTTY contest and as well as the Russian DX Contest. From N1MM’s update page (version 13. Unfortenately time was not on my side and only spend couple of hours behind the radio. Everything fired up and worked perfectly – power supply, radio, G5RV tuner, hexbeam and G5RV. Doing something useful with your electronic log. Next up was installing an RTTY software package and a logging program. 応用編: RTTY/PSK/Loggingで使えるソフトウェア JE3HHT森さんが開発された MMTTY は、日本発世界標準と言われているだけありFBです。 当局も今までの RTTYコンテストは全て、N1MM Loggerとの組み合わせで使用しました。 TOPICS: CMARA FD N1MM+ Use •N1MM+ First Run and Setup Watch K8UT Video •Hardware / Software Setup –different per radio and computer •USB/RS-232 CAT Control –Required for Network Reporting of Rig Frequency •USB/RS-232 PTT / CW / FSK –Optional for Digital Voice Keyer (DVK), Automatic CW, FSK RTTY GRITTY is an RTTY decoding program based on the technology developed for the RTTY Skimmer Server project. For this, a Virtual Serial Port Emulator (VSPE) is used on COM5>COM10 and a USB cable. Cara SET UP RTTY pada N1MM adalah sebagai berikut : 1. For those with previous knowledge fill free to skip ahead to needed configuration and sample Macros. 2019) SCC RTTY Call History 2019 for Win-Test: last (21. I hope you find this helpful. I started operating RTTY in 1984 using a Dragon 32 (6800 CPU) computer and G4BMK software and Terminal Unit. also work with N1MM Spectrum CI-V USB Echo Back: ON USB Serial Function submenu: CI-V USB  Subject: Re: [RTTY] N1MM and TS590S. txt) (Use above for any RTTY Contest needing just a state/province) 2018 Stew Perry Call History (. Both N1MM+ and FLdigi support WinKeyer 3. 03 June 2019 Contest Committee invites you to take part in the Ukrainian DX Classic RTTY Contest on the 15-16 of June 2019 N1MM Overview • Totally FREE ! (no license fee) • Runs on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Win7 (32 or 64 bit) (no Win95 or Win98) • Does NOT run on other operating systems (MAC, Linux) The files provided are a set of super check partial databases created using tools developed by Jim, AD1C and Ken, K1EA. I started out using CT and after moving to Mississippi from Oklahoma I tried NA because some of the contesters here were using that. Kom i gang med N1MM + Logger i NRRL Vintertest og andre tester. Digital Modes. During S&P operations another 1/2 dozen QSOs made it to the log by way of the other station's proper use of their "NOW" key. Mana versija pirmajam un otrajam monitoram. SOC Any single Call History file can be loaded for one club (e. Check the box Special operating activity on the Settings | Advanced tab. FSK RTTY with the K3/0 Mini and Remote Rig Interface Ron Lodewyck N6EE July 30, 2014 I use the Elecraft K3/0 Mini1 and the Remote Rig RRC-1258 MkIIs2 interfaces to access my own K33 and also stations using the K3 on the Remote Ham Radio4 service. When I hit transmit the green light on the 6300 turns to red, the digital interface in N1MM+ transmit button turns red, the audio to the headphones goes mute, yet I get no RF output. In this setup, I also use my CI-V cable on COM3, which allows me to use my HRD Rig Control in addition to the CAT control that N1MM Logger + gives me. The contest rules are available in multiple languages on the rules page. I was greeted by no video passing into my station monitor. I am an avid contester. I also recommend the webpage RTTY Contesting by Don Hill, AA5AU. I found operating MMTTY and MMVARI as separate appications a bit troublesome. com the idea was born to write up what experienced RTTY ops think on how to do RTTY during a dxpedition. Some DXLab applications can be individually run on Windows 95, 98, and 98SE. Having now converted to N1MM software under Windows 7 a new computer with a more powerful processor and more memory was needed. What mode (best) does > one use \ > for Search and Pounce on the K3 for RTTY when using N1MM with MMTTY viewer > (No \ > panadapter(yet)) ??? DX-Stations Guide to RTTY Operations What is this? Watching some DXpeditions early in 2002 working RTTY, and participating in the following discussions on the RTTY email reflector on contesting. The linking to MMTTY works as it should, the radio keys and sends RTTY when I hit any of the predefined F keys. Jul 24, 2019 Hot on the heels of last weekend's NAQP RTTY is the NAQP CW Al, AB2ZY, is a new member of the N1MM Logger+ development team who  N1MM can function as general logging software. Wiring needed only for antenna, network and power. That's pretty much it for N1MM+ to work with a DVK. RTTY CQ WW RTTY Contest A Look at the CQ WW RTTY Contest PVRC Webinar, 19 September 2010 Ed Muns, W0YK. Resources listed under RTTY Software category belongs to Software main collection, and get reviewed and rated by amateur radio operators. Otherwise, I suggest asking on the N1MM Logger e-mail list on Yahoo and contacting West Mountain Radio's support desk. " It has been reported by some that (under some not fully defined conditions) it is possible to use a USB-Serial converter to key FSK RTTY with MMTTY so you don't need a serial port at all. MKII keys the radio and sends test when the test button is pushed. I use N1MM+ and I have an Icom 7300. Digital Master is capable of a wide range of digital modes, including CW, RTTY, SSTV, PSK31, MT-63, and more. QRM dan Pile Up CW Contest. To avoid confusion in the N1MM root directory, I created a sub-directory under \N1MM called \Macros. Remember to set the Mode category in the Contest Setup dialog to SSB+CW+DIGITAL to enable scoring of The Icom 7610 N1MM configuration is simple and similar to the IC-7300. Tärkeimmät N1MM:n asetukset tehdään config valikosta kohdasta Configure ports. Macros are the automated way of sending messages to another station during a contest FLEX-6000 RTTY configuration with N1MM+ Description Package Info Attached Files This configuration guide describes how to configure the FLEX-6000 for RTTY operation using N1MM+. Kostenlos n1mm logger deutsch herunterladen bei UpdateStar - ArcSoft TotalMedia Extreme is a complete software solution which allows you to play video, edit and author video and music discs, create slide shows, and back up files, using Blu-ray discs (BDs), DVDs, and CDs. Net applications can be easily deployed on Linux, for one example, with tools such as Mono. Router does not need to be running, nor does the Kenwood Audio App. Not everyone had weather issues. It is a transmit-only modem designed to integrate into logging software for contest/DXpedition use. N1MM Logger Setup Select file “KenwoodTS-590SCodec 2011-04-02. I used N1MM+ logger for the first time and after all problems I encountered it looks very promising. net but this domain has expired since some months at time writing. but it is mainly a contest logging program. rttycontesting. For the CW enthusiast, Digital Master interfaces with the popular K1EL WinKeyer. This requires a cable from the audio out When first setting up N1MM+ for RTTY use, note that the Message Setup window contains blank boxes for TX, RX, and ESC. Her kan du sette opp eget mot MMTTY The N1MM Logger is a freeware program designed to do contest logging and some general logging. For RTTY and PSK31, it can copy audio from two different radios simultaneously! As a voice keyer, you can wire different output channels to two radios and WriteLog’s user interface will automatically switch your microphone and recorded messages to the selected radio. The configuration of VAC ’s parameters other than the audio and PTT are outside the scope of this article. shown is the last club found e. Obviously, I was unable to use any digital modes during the contest. Now here's a touchy subject. Clicking on the menu items will send you to the page with the video. Avaa N1MM. I have a new K3S radio that uses the new USB for Sound and Radio Control. net Article: N1MM Logger+ Update Better Supports RTTY Roundup Participants Using FT8: - An N1MM Logger software update provides some good news for those who are planning to use both RTTY and FT8 in the ARRL RTTY Roundup on January 5 - 6. 10. Fldigi is a modem program for most of the digital modes used by radio amateurs today: CW, PSK, MFSK, RTTY, Hell, DominoEX, Olivia, and Throb are all supported. What we . I found an old contest definition on the web and modified it a bit. I have the opposite problem. Then go to the “MISC”tab and choose ComTxD(FSK). Organized by: Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles (URE). N1MM+ Overview •N1MM+ is a contest logging tool that VWS uses for Field Day, NAQP, and other events •N1MM+ records exactly what is required for each individual contest and scores contacts according to the contest rules •N1MM+ helps you to avoid duplicate contacts that will waste time and not add to your score I have updated my certificates gallery for those interesting in seeing my wallpaper. I'm using the latest (as of last Wednesday, 5/2/18) versions of both programs. RTTY and contest software, e. Initially switched to N1MM to assist in SO2R operation, but switched back to Writelog. A step by step guide from downloading to installing the UDC Files. Once you have N1MM+ talking to SSDR, the rest is just configuring your RTTY program of choice to use the correct DAX ports. N1MM can function as general logging software DX4WIN is much better but at a cost of $80 Logger32 by K4CY works well and is free Both can input from N1MM to upload to LOTW N1MM is well supported and maintained Runs in Windows versions from 2000 to Windows 8; 32 and 64 bit systems Pre-loading N1MM's keyboard RTTY macros on Friday evening, software operation ran nearly flawlessly; there were even 1/2 dozen opportunities to effect proper use of the F-10 "NOW" key while running a frequency. pdf by M. This guide is for those who want to get up and running on RTTY quickly with N1MM Logger Plus using MMTTY as the main digital interface. So, if you are wanting to run 75 baud RTTY, such as in the BARTG 75 contest, you’re going to have to set up DI-1 in N1MM for AFSK instead of FSK, you’ll need to specifically tell N1MM that the logged mode needs to be RTTY instead of the default radio mode, and you’ll need to configure MMTTY for AFSK and get your audio levels adjusted Dedicated to rtty contesting, this site talks about the various aspects of radio sport and the thrill of sending diddles to the other end of the world. The new Icom 7610 isn't listed in many Ham Radio software programs, but it is in N1MM Logger+ and MacloggerDX. Close the SO2R Box Utility. 9. Por fin una aplicación para recibir SDR en dispositivos android I couldn’t decode any of the signals but I could transmit. If not, please consult the N1MM online documentation. N1MM LOGGER is a RTTY logging software. Install mereka secara terpisah dari folder N1MM. If you are going to use a COM port connected to a hardware device, such as a homebrew transistor keying circuit or a commercial interface, then you cannot set that up in N1MM+ because if you do, the “Tune” button on the front panel of “WSJT-X N1MM+ supports a few digital modes: RTTY, PSK31 and PSK63 via the Digital Interface window. Download “N1MM UDC File DX Station” YBDX-RTTY. Below information by Rick, N2AMG and John, K3CT regarding supported Digital configurations by N1MM logger. List-post  Feb 23, 2018 I have been using the IC-7600 on RTTY with N1MM+ and the MMTTY Bring up N1MM and MMTTY and try to send something using the  Most everything else is fine, CW in HRD and MMTTY with N1MM works great on RTTY and CW. Viens radio un viens VFO. MixW is a multi mode multi functional software for every day logging and Contests. MFSK Throb. We're using one USB cable and the virtual COM ports on I have followed all of these instructions yet I cannot transmit. Each year during the WAE RTTY contest, some contesters don’t see the advantage to exchanging QTC. This connects to a HF radio by a USB cable that Amateurs who use RTTY are indebted to Mori-san for the positive impact MMTTY ic-7300 をn1mm からリグコンとcw をusb 一本で対応する手順 2017. Remember the FT-857 is an AFSK RTTY only radio. Note: If you can translate to other languages, please send an email to the contest director. 0. I keep all of my macro files there. Don't worry about the name, it is called this because to enable support for RTTY within contests, N1MM requires that the file name contains the word RTTY. 2019) SCC RTTY Call History 2019 for TR4W: last (21. This setup should also work with K3 or K3S a high sensitivity CW decoding algorithm based on the methods of Bayesian statistics; simultaneous decoding of ALL cw signals in the receiver passband - up to 700 signals can be decoded in parallel on a 3-GHz P4 if a wideband receiver is used; Using a single serial port to allow CW and RTTY in N1MM without any cable switching On the K3 CONFIG PTT-Key setting, it needs to be "Off-Off. Laittaa TX ON ja voit naputella Keyboard'illa. Ekrānšāviņi no pēdējā DL-DX RTTY kontesta pēdējās minūtes. 30, 2012. As of 2010, N1MM Logger was updated to support multiple-QSO Party logging. FSK requires use of a digital port for each radio. N1MM logger is one of a few contest logging programs that embrace SO2R/SO2V operation. First time RTTY op Bob, N7WY, got trouble, got it fixed, got on, and got busy: "Since my wife was away, I thought I give the RU a shot. i. It offers PSK, MFSK and RTTY digital modes with logging and macro capabilities. The new design was a cooperative effort of Stefan, DO2SMF, and Dave, W1HKJ with extensive testing performed by Ed, W3NR, and Dick, AA5VU. To participate in this contest, the specific bases of the competition must be complied with, as well as the General Regulation of URE Competitions. pdfDownload Download &nbsp NCCC RTTY Sprint: NCCC Sprint: WAE DX Contest, SSB: FOC QSO Party: SARL Field Day Contest: Texas QSO Party: Alabama QSO Party: Russian Cup Digital Contest: ARRL September VHF Contest: North American Sprint, RTTY: Classic Exchange, CW: BARTG Sprint 75: Run for the Bacon QRP Contest: Phone Fray: CWops Mini-CWT Test: RSGB 80m Autumn Series, CW From the N1mm logger website Logging Digital Mode Contacts While you are entering contacts "live", N1MM+ only supports a few digital modes: RTTY, PSK31 and PSK63. php?page=Full+Install CW, SSB, RTTY in the Call  Mar 21, 2017 That's great, and I could run AFSK RTTY. Digital Master 780 is the digital operations part of the Ham Radio Deluxe (HRD) suite. Launch the N1MM+ logger; Go to the Config -> Configure Ports, Mode Control, Audio, Other; Choose the “Score reporting” tab Check the “Report Real-Time Score to Server“ ARIZONAOUTLAWS. However, just in the last week there was a great deal of discussion around using N1MM with MMTTY and the newest demodulator 2Tone. Let’s see what else is new! When I got the IC-7300, it was a real thrill to operate RTTY (FSK). • RTTY decoded by software/hardware –Very difficult by brain! Therefore, the receiving and decoding technology is critical for reliable RTTY reception. You can select from various Shifts, Bauds, Bits, Parity and Stop Bits for both AFSK and FSK keying of the transmitter. 09. The N1MM to DXKeeper Gateway enables each QSO logged in N1MM+ or N1MM to be immediately logged to DXKeeper, and to direct DXView and Pathfinder to "lookup" the logged callsign; you can configure the Gateway to direct DXView to display all previous QSOs with the logged callsign. N1MM Posted Call History files 2018 US/VE RTTY Call History File (. Open the Digital Interface for Radio 1. Utk keperluan itu, anda wajib download sendiri dan install sendiri software RTTY engine bernama MMTTY dan bila perlu mode digital lain, bisa anda pake FLDIGI. N1MM + er et gratis program med stor bredde og lav bruker terskel. MPC-1000RC - Multipath Diversity RTTY TU. Athena,plugin for N1MM T oday i got to read the magazine NCJ,National Contest Journal ,from the ARRL. This requires a cable from the audio out Here is some assistance for using N1MM in the WAEDC, written by Claude VE2FK. Content provided by: Mack, W4AX The intent of this article is to describe in detail the setup and configuration of N1MM for voice keying with PowerSDR. 6 GHz processor is probably the minimum required, but the CPU requirements depend quite heavily on which program options, modes, etc. pdf 翻訳版 N1MMplus_GettingStarted_Japanese_2014-10-13. 12:00 UTC Saturday to 11:59 UTC Sunday. This guide is for those who want to get up and running on RTTY quickly with N1MM Logger Plus using MMTTY as the main digital interface. Thanks to N2AMG for the above procedure. Rules. Maybe somebody here has the answer! I have an issue with my Yaesu FT-2000, with which I am running RTTY contests using a USB Signalink and N1MM+. 73, Army AE5P Getting Started on RTTY. Thanks to Marek, SP7DQR, who has written SWL log check software and to Dan, I1-12387, who will lead the SWL log checking. Logs must be submitted no later than 02 July 2019. Software: Windows 10, MMTTY and N1MM Logger. Now in N1MM, in DX mode, in the CALL field if you type “RTTY” the MMTTY module is called into play for FSK and if you type “CW” N1MM does CW without MMTTY. 66G 1. • All three are entirely adequate for basic RTTY contesting. The RTTY contest frequencies shown for 80 and 40 meters also reflect band plans for operations outside the Western Hemisphere. GRITTY is an RTTY decoding program based on the technology developed for the RTTY Skimmer Server project. The frequency readout just wouldn't work on MMVARI and MMTTY is good for QSOs but not really the thing for contests. 03): CAT ASC Macro: If the function key contains “ASC KY” and the mode is CW added the following functionality. This site was created to promote, distribute and help English speaking hams use excellent Ham Radio programs of Makoto (Mako) Mori, JE3HHT. It will not do FSK but the receiving end will never know. This magazine is in our clubs reading map. txt) Call History of HQ Stations for 2018 IARU HF Championship (. hamdocs. NET •N1MM works with MMTTY for RTTY (FSK) Use of USB to Serial Device for FSK MAY need EXTFSK driver (software) N1MM Use at CMARA Field Day Author: Terry G ZS2EZ RTTY OPERATIONS Ever since starting HF operation in 2005, RTTY has been a mode dear to me. The site's purpose is to make it easier for contesters to share their claimed scores (score rumors) and comments immediately after a contest. 3,那么在两台计算机的N1MM设置时,都设置成上图所示的样子。其中0号台是N1MM的默认主台,如果你想用网络cluster辅助,那么这台0号机也需要连接外网,而1号机的cluster信息则是从0号机读取的。 Kom i gang med N1MM + Logger i NRRL Vintertest og andre tester. I had to set up MMTTY with N1MM, so I started well before the RU began. Dennis, is it possible to have the K3-remote rig solution used for remote and then walk into the radio site and operate CW-RTTY-SSB with local headset, paddle and PC interface for contesting without rewiring the station. " I wanted to start with RTTY and ended up with a lot of experimenting and testing this week. After several years of operating RTTY and CW contests, I developed a large collection of Macro files. There maybe other settings that work, but these worked for me. Any suggestions would be Many of the Cabrillo format problems in submitted logs are from MixW users. The videos are from the Dayton 2014 Contest Forum Session: "Introducing N1MM Logger Plus. With the two virtual COM ports in the Icom 7160, N1MM Logger+ can be configured easily to operate RTTY (FSK). Naturally, the N1MM folks claim it is an fldigi problem. WSJT Logging with N1MM Now in N1MM, in DX mode, in the CALL field if you type “RTTY” the MMTTY module is called into play for FSK and if you type “CW” N1MM does CW without MMTTY. The contact info data is used to create useful data screens that are continuously rotated. I could not find a recent file for use with the Russian radio RTTY f. Instructions for connecting WSJT-X to N1MM Logger+ can be found in the WSJT-X 2. 3 and TS-590 firmware version 1. 6059 (February 8, 2017) Contest Logging Software Free Software for Phone, CW, and Digital Mode Fixed bug with AppInfo UDP packets being sent on ContactInfo port number (W3SZ) (coded by K8UT) Digital RX Windows: DI2's attached RX RTTY RU, it certainly did not compare to 2014. This configuration is for FSK RTTY and PSK. Download “N1MM UDC File Indonesian Station” YBDX-RYYB. Click here for the full English version in PDF format. txt Call History in N1MM+ Files/CallHistory files can be use for 10mRTTY contest. N1MM LOGGER - How to setup VK UDC's for VK contests. Download the UDC from above links - if there is a PDF, then read it first. Sato JF3NKA 非常に正確な翻訳で助かっている。TNX。 WriteLog offers complete contest integration with the following contests: 10-10 Contests; 7th Call Area QSO Party; ANARTS RTTY Contest; ARCI QRP Spring/Fall QSO Party 290 QSOs, 40 states, plus Canada and Puerto Rico contacted, several DX entities. RTTY Tutorial This document was originally posted by K4WW on rttyinfo. ) Fecha: 12 Junio 2012. RTTY programs, software for ham radio RTTY emission mode is a curation of 23 resources about , ExtFSK by MM HamSoft, MMTTY - MM Hamsoft, gMFSK, DarwinPSK, cocoaModem. I did try this and it worked well. I use N1MM and MTTY as the RTTY engine. Sign in. I finally got this same type of setup running for the previous big RTTY contest. Because I usually work with N1MM as logging software, I first started with MMTTY which integrates nicely (so nearly no… connection of the Digital interface in N1MM logger+, for MMTTY (RTTY FSK) and MMVARI (BPSK31 / 63/125/250). I'm using two cables. NG3K Amteur Radio Contest Page . In the future, you may want to configure WSJT-X so that it is UDP broadcasting its QSOs directly into N1MM. 1 User Guide, Section 4. It is assumed you are familiar with setting up message buffers etc. This provides a hardware RTTY UART that is accurate and stable. 8) In N1MM pressing F1 sent my CQ wav file out the PC, through the SignaLink connected to my Kenwood TS-2000 through the ACC2 port and out onto the airwaves. SCC RTTY Call History 2019 for N1MM: last (21. ▫ DX4WIN is much http:// n1mm. 0 Version 625 Download 28. Give that a try and see if works for you. <rtty@contesting. He operates all bands from 2 meters to 160 meters, and his modes of operation include FT8 (his current favorite), RTTY, JT65a, CW, PSK31, and SSB. eHam. on the internet. 2009) RTTY by WF1B (FREE) 5. Hey – that looks very interesting and Python is the correct choice for it. From: "Joe Subich, W4TV" <lists@ subich. Do you want FSK? The Icom 7300 is ready for it. Hellschreiber ARQ Modes. Thanks for any ideas VA2UP RTTY Contesting: Choosing your basic macros. Entrants follow the regular rules for a single-op, except they are logging the received QSO and not transmitting. In the past with my older K3 which used a standard Serial port connection, I did not have to do this. DXLab applications run on Windows, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10 in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors. N1MM vs Writelog Still prefer Writelog, especially for RTTY and VHF contests. It can help calibrate a sound card to a time signal and do frequency measurement tests. The creator of this site makes no claim to or for the programs or any of the information presented on these pages. The Victorian Internet. The North American QSO Parties are favorites of beginners and seasoned operators alike. May 18 N1MM Logger, Write Log, DXLabs WinWarbler, Logger32. Put a check mark where it says “Enable RTTY”. C A T E G O R Y Rank Call Score QSO Mult Date/Time Client Elapsed Club; Oper Trx Band Like Heathkit years before, the Elecraft kits are excellent, providing detailed step-by-step instructions, all hardware and electronic bits (solder-it-yourself components for the K2, pre-made modules for the K3), and if needed responsive online support from Elecraft’s chief engineers plus the community of builders and fans. I’ve archived a copy that I believe could be usefull for beginners. txt shows all club memberships listed here against each callsign entered in N1MM Logger Classic and N1MM Logger+ Files have been tested with N1MM Logger[+] in DX mode only Membership no. Icom 7300 RTTY FSK Setup How To - Using the new Icom 7300, MMTTY and N1MM Logger+ you'll be able to operate FSK. 67. Then select RTTY Roundup messages and enter your proper contest Exchange in the field RTTY RU Exch. There are two main differences between the NCCC Sprints and NA Sprint: In NS, power is limited to 100w, and mults count on all bands, no dupes (both CW and RTTY). n1mm rtty

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